Our Mission

Beautiful Enterprise Co., Ltd. is staying abreast of Digital Electronics and Wireless Technologies to develop and manufacture innovative products that bring competitive advantages to our customers

Business Overview

Beautiful Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a highly efficient and competitive service-oriented
OEM/ODM manufacturer placing value in long-term engagements

Established 1972

Privately Held

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Smart Devices & Accessories
  • IoT Peripherals


  • Head office: Central, Hong Kong
  • Factory: Shenzhen, China since 1980

Our People –

  • Qualified and experienced R&D engineers
  • Engineering staff average of 15+ years experience
  • Procurement, material planning and supplier chain management
  • QA/QC production operations
  • Effective management in sustaining business continuity


  • Advanced high precision SMT Equipment
  • Intelligent ERP system for production and fulfillment planning
  • Reserved space for future expansion

Factory Area

  • 46,500 m2

Production capacity

  • 1 million units / month



Company Milestones & Product Track Record

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Celebrating our 45th Anniversay


WiFi and HD Audio


Apple MFi Developer & Manufacturer


Moved into new Synchron facility in Shenzhen, China


Moved manufacturing operations to Shenzhen, China


Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

Company Culture

We practice BEing ethical, respectful, creative, and collaborative

Our culture is built on closely knitted relationships with our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and our local community since our inception in 1972. We treat all individuals and entities within our business network fairly, with respect, dignity and mutual trust. BEing ethical to us means having integrity with a social responsibility mindset to better create brilliant and lasting solutions for everyone associated with our business.

Value Propositions

  • Best-in-class product quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Manufacturing excellence – established systems and processes with programs and incentives for continuous improvement
  • Environmental and social responsibility
  • Engineering support – deep knowledge and experience
  • Optimized project management process
  • Full range of innovative products
  • Flexible operations to meet customer requirements and timelines


BE’s leadership team is long-term and stable with depth and breadth of experience and evolving vision necessary for the level of professionalism we provide.

Our senior management executives excel in a range of expertise including client relations, human resources, startup environments, financial skills and fluency with multi-national corporations.

Competitive Advantages

We treat your project like it is our own, which means quality is always paramount

Product Quality

Without compromise, quality is paramount

Deep know-how through:

  • Rigorous internal and external training
  • 40+ years of experience and continuous improvement programs working with top-tier brand leaders
  • ISO 9000 version 2000 certified
  • ISO 14001:2000 certified
  • EICC compliance meeting CSR requirements


Deep knowledge and experience

  • Creative and competent engineers in various disciplines including mechanical, electronics, RF, S/W, acoustic, packaging and industrial design
  • Proven track record in integrating wireless technologies and applications in digital electronic products for consumer, commercial and industrial markets
  • Advanced equipment and design software tools
  • Alliance with major innovative technology partners: semiconductor suppliers, design agencies, software vendors, and safety labs
  • Best practices project management systems for smooth and predictable development cycles

Business Practices

Strong procurement sourcing, pricing and quality assurance

  • Experienced and qualified professionals in material department to manage supply chain
  • Extensive global contacts
  • Rapport with component suppliers
  • Internal audit team including IQC, Engineering and Procurement
  • Adherence to valuation of quality parts meeting customers’ requirements and industry standards

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Green Compliant Initiative includes engineering product design and parts sourcing that features non- toxic materials, environmentally conscious designs including ease of disassembly and recyclability